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1. The Easiest Chocolate Truffles {Broma Bakery}

Omg these chocolate truffles look TO DIE FOR and they’re so easy to make! They’re perfect for a family or friends get together, you can make them in big batches and they wont break the bank!

I want to roll mine in sprinkles.


2. This 40 minute chocolate cake. {Food 52}

This recipe is perfect for a lazy people, like me haha. One pot chocolate cake – that means less dishes to wash, sounds GOOD to me!


3. Salted Macadamia Nut Brittle Ice-cream Bars {Gather & Feast)

I’m not a big sandwich person but when it comes to ice cream sandwiches.. now thats a different story. I’ve never made brittle before but she makes it sound so easy. I cant wait to try this!


4. Vietnamese Coffee Eclairs {A Hint of Vanilla}

Vietnamese coffees are my weakness. Strong coffee with sweetened condensed milk… what’s not to like? You can always enjoy them at a Pho restaurant or Dailo in Toronto also makes a delicious one!


5. Best Coconut Cream Pie {bon appetit}

Okay, I’m sure by now you can tell that I LOVE coconut. I put that sh*t in and on anything! I need to make this! Who’s coming over?


6. Rhubarb Pistachio Mini-Cakes {Food Fashion Party}

I’ve been seeing rhubarb in EVERYTHING these days and what better matfch than with pistachio. These mini cakes look so good. Also, if they’re mini, that means we can eat more of them right?

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