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Oh my goodness today week is going to be hot hot hot. Not that I really need a reason to make and eat popsicles, I’m the type of person that eats ice cream in the winter (its the curse of the sweet tooth). I just got a traditional popsicle maker from Amazon last week and made my first batch of popsicles – banana, peanut butter with a chocolate almond crumble – and they were delicious but I can’t wait to make more!!

Here are six popsicle recipes you should make this week!

1. Dairy-free Smores Popsicle

This coconut milk based popsicle sounds SO decadent and delicious. You know me, I love anything coconut (sorry Isabelle) and chocolate so I’m obsessed. Definitely trying these next.. just need pick up a blowtorch!

2. Blueberry Mojito Popsicles

Get your drink on! We all have to stay hydrated right? These blueberry mojito popsicles sound so refreshing and so good. I’m not a big drinker but could totally go for one of these on a patio. You could also easily swap out the rum or any other spirit, maybe a citrus vodka or even bourbon would be good.

3. Watermelon Popsicles

OH EM GEE. How cute are these?! I LOVE watermelon and could eat a whole one in one sitting. These are absolutely adorable and would be so cute for a BBQ party!

4. Sweet Tea Popsicles

When it’s hot out, I always want something refreshing like an iced green or black tea and slightly sweetened. Such a good idea, you could literally make these in any tea flavour. Add some fruit for a fun twist.

5. Mocha Cold Brew Popsicles with Chocolate Chips

You had me at mocha. As an obsessive coffee drinker, its one of my favourite combinations! Have you tried the mocha from Sorry Coffee yet?

6. Strawberry Banana Popsicles

I admit, I am addicted to sugar and have always tried to cut down on it.. but its so hard. I could totally eat these those. These are naturally sweetened with bananas and only have 3 ingredients.


I love trying new recipes, send me your favourite flavour combinations and let me know what you want me to make next!

Stay cool,


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