When you meet someone and just really wanted to be their friend.. That’s me.. with Joelle, creepy right? Haha. I met Joelle over a year ago when I hosted a high tea party in my apartment to launch my online vintage jewelry shop. Today, the shop is gone but a friendship (actually, many friendships) were made! Joelle and I have a lot in common, aside from our obsession with pink, we love exploring the city and finding cute new places to photograph and eat, we have husbands that I think were separated at birth and we have the same sick sense of humour.

La Petite Noob, covers everything from fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. I love her personal style, it’s simple and feminine and she always looks amazing. She travels a few times a year and shares her amazing city guides full of tips and tricks to getting around the city, things to see, eat and do and where to find all the pink things. Check out her most recent city guide for Lisbon, Portugal.

If you ever get the chance to meet this wonderful human being, she is intelligent and hilarious but I’m warning you now, she’ll probably trip over her own foot and spill her drink on you or something to that extent. Actually, stay clear of me too because you know how they say you are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with? Yah, I’m clumsy now too. Haha but I love her.

Here are Joelle’s six essentials to a happy life.

Photo taken from @lapetitenoob



One look at my Instagram feed, and you’ll see that my favourite colour is pink! I gravitate towards the colour pink because it truly makes me happy, although sometimes I’ll admit that I do go overboard.


Photo taken from @lapetitenoob



Like most bloggers, I have an obsession with coffee that cannot be crushed! My Italian Nonna gave me coffee to drink with my cookies starting from when I was very young, so my addiction runs deep (that also probably explains why I’m so short!) I start my days off with a shot of espresso and 5 ounces of water from home, and then continue drinking either drip coffee or lattes well into the evening.


Photo taken from @lapetitenoob



I just made the transition of becoming a full-time blogger earlier in the year and, although I love working for myself, I’ve become paranoid about getting sick! Because I don’t want to have to take time off for having a cold, I am diligent with my Vitamin C. I take 2000 mg of Vitamin C a day in the form of vitamin capsules and (knock on wood) haven’t gotten a cold yet – even though the winter!


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Nothing makes me more excited than doing a fresh flower run, and I love having at least one bouquet of flowers in our condo. I tend to prefer getting my flowers from markets rather than traditional florists, and always follow the same formula for my bouquets: 1-2 bunches of pink flowers (either roses, peonies or ranunculus), baby’s breath and eucalyptus. I have also been known to carry my bouquets around with me, and often bring them along to coffee shops – hey, you ‘gotta #doitforthegram!


Photo taken from @lapetitenoob



Nothing makes me melt like my grumpy, overweight, longhaired Chihuahua Fritz. Even though my day basically consists of trying to get Fritz to cuddle with me, and him hiding under a chair to escape my love, I’m still obsessed with that little guy.


Photo taken from @lapetitenoob



One of my favourite feelings is knowing that I’ve captured a great photo to share with my followers and readers – I actually get giddy, and I can’t wait to post it! I use both my Nikon D610 and my iPhone 7 plus to get my photos, although I’m trying hard to be more diligent in bringing my proper camera around with me, and rely less on my phone. To be able to capture a moment, a meal, and outfit, a trip or a feeling in a photo to keep forever is truly priceless.


    • mymiaou
      August 15, 2017 / 8:37 am

      Haha, LOVE YOU! Thanks for letting me feature you my twin!

    • mymiaou
      August 27, 2017 / 6:07 pm

      It really is! 🙂


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