Isabelle of @ allons.y and her Six Essentials to a Happy Life
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This girl is one of the most talented photographers I know. She’s also the absolute sweetest person on earth. We met over Instagram a few months ago and bonded over the love of food. I knew we were going to be great friends! I’m forewarning you, Isabelle’s blog and Instagram will make you very, very hungry.

Here are Isabelle’s six essentials to a happy life.


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1. Something to take pictures with

Whether it be my camera or my phone I don’t want to miss a chance to photograph something that catches my eye. A picture remembers that things the memory has long forgotten

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2. Good book

It’s my ultimate form of relaxation and  a form of escapism when I need a break


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3. Purse/some sort of a bag

Yes it can be  fashion statement, but more importantly it carries everything I need to conquer the day ahead


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4. A hot cup of tea

It honestly just soothes the soul.


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5. Comfy sheets + fluffy pillows

A good night’s rest everything. Plus nobody likes bags under their eyes


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6. Excel gum

I have a friend who is obsessed with excel mints, I won’t it who it is, but I have the same addiction but to gum. I buy it in bulk at Costco because I can’t be without. Besides, who doesn’t want to have fresh breath?


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