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Continuing my Quick Reads series but switching it to Reads & Recipes. Weekly, I’ll be sharing with you my three favourite stories and three favourite recipes from the web that I think you will LOVE!

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1. A Month of Self Love / 2. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide / 3. Love Your Body at Any Size / 4. Chocolate Olive Oil Cookies / 5. Ombré Lemon Sugar Cookies / 6. Vegan Gluten-Free Whoopie Pies

1. A Month on Self-Love {Glitter Guide}

This year, I wanted to focus more on self-care and self-love. What better month than the month of love! I absolutely love Glitter Guide’s self-love calendar, where everyday it reminds you to do something for yourself even if it’s something so simple as stretching for 15 minutes. Let’s see how many we can do!

2. Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her {Jillian Harris}

I’m pretty sure Jillian Harris thinks I’m a stalker. I don’t really care because I’m completely obsessed with her, her Instagram and her blog. I especially love that her Valentines gift guide is full of beautiful pink things just for her! Like how cute is that pillow and this bathing suit, want!

3. Love Your Body at Any Size {Joelle Anello @lapetitenoob}

My best girlfriend Joelle just published a video on her YouTube on loving your body at any size. I know for myself, I’m super critical of myself and how I look, which doesn’t do my self-confidence any good. I think that I am a pretty positive person but want to focus more on my self-confidence and not just giving others genuine compliments but giving them to myself as well.

4. Bitter Chocolate Olive Oil Cookies {butter and brioche}

When I saw these photos, I was instantly drawn to them. How delicious do these chocolate olive oil cookies look?! They are thick, chocolatey and cracked on the tops..okay, I’m drooling. The recipe reads pretty simple, I will definitely be trying these cookies out this week!

5. Ombré Raspberry Lemon Sugar Cookies {The Baker Chick}

When my friend Kaylee posted about these cookies, I KNEW I had to try and make them. Who doesn’t love sugar cookies especially when they are iced with OMBRÉ pink icing?! Ahh, I made a batch last week and I am obsessed! You definitely need to check out The Baker Chick’s recipe.

6. Vegan & Gluten-Free Whoopie Pies {Minimalist Baker}

I’m by no means vegan or gluten-free, and trust me I have definitely tried, but I do love eating making vegan and gluten-free treats! These whoopie pies look like the real thing and seriously look to die for. Seriously, anything with chocolate and coconut is a winner in my books.


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