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Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Girl) Wedding / Chriselle x J.O.A / Funniest Woman Ever / Sex in a Pan / Raspberry Jam & English Muffins / Best Homemade Croissants

Happy, happy Friday my loves! This week has been chilly and snowy, so crazy right? So I’ve been hibernating while cooking and baking my heart out. This past week I made this super moist and delicious Banana Carrot Bread with THE BEST Brown Butter and Cream Cheese Frosting. A delicious and hearty French Onion Soup hopes to stay warm, coming to the Weekend Dinner Series tomorrow! I’ve also been on an Overnight Oats challenge to start my mornings right. I am SO not a breakfast person, I usually starve because I’m so lazy to prepare breakfast but with the overnight oats, I prep them the night before and it’s perfect for this lazy girl! Lol.

I also dined at Noce Restaurant, who’ve been around for the last 23 years and recently revamped their restaurant. Its a modern Italian restaurant located in West Toronto. The decor is super cute and the food was SO good. We ended the meal with a dessert called “Sex in a Pan” and was it ever good. I’m still dreaming of it and totally trying to replicate it this week!

I hope enjoy these six links I love and have an amazing weekend!

x Sabrina

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Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Girl) Wedding / Chriselle x J.O.A / Funniest Woman Ever / Sex in a Pan / Raspberry Jam & English Muffins / Best Homemade Croissants


1. Gary Pepper Girl’s Nicole Warne and Luke Shadbolt’s STUNNING Wedding { Vogue }

THE wedding we’ve all been waiting for.. aside from the Royal Wedding of course. I’ve been following Nicole since I can remember and have always loved her style, her grace and her stunning photos. I remember right after I got married, I had a little obsession with GaryPepperGirl and she (as if we had a conversation lol) convinced me that I just HAD to cut my hair. And I did, hoping I would look as chic as Nicole.. I did not lmao! Her wedding photos are stunning, I could not imagine a more beautiful wedding. She definitely thought about all the little details. It’s pretty breathtaking. Go go go!


2. Chriselle x J.O.A { Nordstrom }

AHH I love when my favourite bloggers come out with their own product lines or do collabs. Chriselle’s collab with J.O.A is so beautiful, I actually need every piece! I love this yellow floral dress, this wide leg jumpsuit (would probably wear a top underneath), and these wide leg cropped pants! They’re perfect for Spring/Summer!


3. Arielle Vandenberg is Hilarious { Arielle }

This woman is hilarious, I discovered her after listening to her speak at the Create & Cultivate LA and she is beyond hilarious! If you guys ever need a good laugh, check out her IG.


4. Sex in a Pan { Jo Cooks }

Oh man, I just had a Italian version of this ‘Sex in a Pan’ dessert at Noce this past Wednesday and it WAS to die for! 1. I can’t believe its called Sex in a Pan (bahaha) and 2. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it or had it before! You guys.. I need to make this dessert! Stay tuned.


5. Raspberry Jam and Homemade English Muffins { Harlowe James }

I’ve been following Chrissy for a while now and she has the prettiest home! She recently made these fresh english muffins and raspberry jam.. I actually drooled.


6. Best Homemade Croissants { Also The Crumbs Please }

AHH my all-time favourite pastry!! I’ve always been intimidated by croissant recipes and have never made or attempted to make croissant before. This recipe was translated from French so you know it’s legit. There are step-by-step photos, a list of all the ingredients and equipment you’ll need and tips for making the best croissant. Actually the best recipe, in my opinion hehe. Can’t wait to try this recipe!


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