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Reads & Recipes


1. The Power of Modern Female Friendships / 2. Styling Tips / 3. 16 Personalities / 4. Easter Cookie Box / 5. Easter Pop Tarts / 6. Classic Devilled Eggs


Hope you all have the most amazing Easter long weekend! Eat lots of delicious food and chocolate, especially! See you when I’m out of my food coma, lol! Until then, here are 6 links I love from across the web!

Happy Easter! x Sabrina

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1. The Power of Modern Female Friendships / 2. Styling Tips / 3. 16 Personalities / 4. Easter Cookie Box / 5. Easter Pop Tarts / 6. Classic Devilled Eggs


1. This Is What Makes Modern Female Friendships So Powerful { Brit + Co }

An interview with Kayleen Schaefer who wrote the book Text me When You Get Home (a book I’m now dying to pick up!) talks about how far female friendships have come and the power that it has. I’ve never had a big group of friends growing up, I had a couple really close girlfriends who I love and share everything with. I think it’s such so special and so beautiful to find someone (other than your significant other) who you can relate to and connect so well with.

B+C: How are modern films and television shows like Parks and Recreation, Girls, andBig Little Lies changing the discussion around female friendship? 

Kayleen Schaefer: I think the main thing they’re doing is putting the focus on female friends — it’s another story to tell besides, “Will the two main characters who are clearly meant for each other ever realize it and fall in love?” Like I say in the book, “There’s not just one love story in our lives.” 


2. Tip for Styling Every Surface { Kate La Vie }

One of my favourite bloggers/vloggers ever! Everything about Kate is #goals. Her blog is focused on interiors, beauty and style. She has the most beautiful apartment, like every room and every corner is Instagram-worthy! Here are some of her tips on how to style your home!


3. 16 Personalities { 16 personalities }

THE ULTIMATE personality test!! It takes less than 12 minutes to complete and it breaks everything down for you. It describes who you are and explains why you do the things you do. It’s actually so crazy. And once you finish this test, you can read what kind of friend you really are, here!! I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours!


4. The Best Easter Sugar Cookies { Constellation Inspiration }

Is this even real life?! Like how beautiful is this box of cookies!? I’m actually obsessed but a little intimidated to try decorating. Honestly, I love to bake and would even say that I’m pretty good at it BUT my decorating skills are horrendous!!


5. Vegan Easter Bunny Pop Tarts { Jillian Harris }

The Queen of vegan food and decor! How cute and delicious do these Vegan Easter Bunny pop tarts look?! I’ve always used butter or shortening to make my pie dough but can’t wait to try this recipe! Also if you haven’t already set the table for Easter, here are some of her Easter entertaining tips! Seriously, Jillian Harris makes everything look so beautiful!


6. Classic Devilled Eggs { The Kitchn }

Last by not least, any reason to eat devilled eggs.. am I right?! Who’s making these this weekend?!


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