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  • Eggnog Bread Pudding | My Miaou

    Okay, I have to admit, I don’t like drinking eggnog. I get why people love eggnog. I love the flavours but the thought of drinking a drink made of eggs is a little strange to me. Haha BUT baking it into a bread pudding, now that sounds delicious!

  • Holiday Hairstyles with Dyson Supersonic | My Miaou

    With the holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to share with you my quick and easy hairstyles for the holidays. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to styling my hair, 95% of the time my hair is down and waved. When the holidays roll around, I love getting dressed up and creating different hairstyles just to make it a little more special. My struggle with my hair is real. I’m always trying to find ways to style my hair using the least amount of heat because it is...

  • Mulling Spice Bags | My Miaou

    If you follow me on Instagram, you know how obsessed I’ve been with apple cider. If you’re as obsessed or know anyone who share in the same obsession, I have the perfect gift for you and for them!

  • How to make mulled apple cider at home | My Miaou

    My current obsession: Mulled Apple Cider. I didn’t grow up drinking apple cider and I don’t really enjoy drinking fruit juices because of the calorie intake. But theres something about hot apple cider that I just can’t say no to.