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I am OBSESSED with all things black sesame. Who know a seed could be so delicious and make someone so very happy. Theres this gelato place in Toronto called Kekou that makes the most delicious black sesame gelato, but you could get black sesame ice cream in almost any Japanese restaurant. There’s also Tandem, a coffeeshop in the east end,  that makes black sesame lattes. You need to try it, or just make this black sesame paste yourself and make it at home! 🙂 I promise you’ll love it.

Black Sesame Paste

Yield 4oz mason jar


3 tbsp honey

5 tbsp black sesame seeds

In a food processor, pulse the sesame seeds to a fine grind. Then add the honey and blend until smooth. Store in an airtight container in the fridge.


I made black sesame madeleines with this paste. Get the recipe here.

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