Holiday Gifting with Ganong Chocolatier

Holiday Gifting with Ganong Chocolatier

This is my favourite time of year. The first Sunday in December, Taylor and I spend the day at his moms place, we turn on Christmas music, light deliciously smelling candles and roast chestnuts (not on an open fire).We decorate the house in Christmas garland, snowmen and nutcrackers. We spend about two hours setting up the Christmas tree and putting up ornaments they’d collected over the last 30 years. Its my absolute favourite time of year, it’s the season of gathering, holiday gifting and good vibes.

Ganong Chocolate Assortment Box

Now that I’m married and have not one family, but two families to buy gifts for its hard to know what to get anyone anymore. Plus you attend a few Christmas parties, you stress out about what to bring the hostess or friends you haven’t seen in a while. The struggle with not wanting to spend too much but also picking up something nice that everyone will love.

Ganong Chocolate Assortment Box

I was so excited to discover Ganong. Ganong is Canada’s oldest family-owned and operated chocolate company manufacturing out of St. Stephen, New Brunswick. They recently released a premium box of chocolates made with premium ingredients. It’s elegantly packaged in a beautiful teal box and the chocolates look to die for. I am no stranger when it comes to chocolate and obviously had to try a few pieces just to make sure they are as good as they look.


Ganong Chocolate Assortment BoxGanong Chocolate Assortment Box

Ganong did not disappoint! The chocolates are so silky and just melts in your mouth. My favourites of the assortment were the pecan caramel, the peanut butterscotch cream and the almond caramel fudge.. to name a few.

This Ganong Chocolatier Premium Chocolate box would make the perfect hostess gift paired with a nice bottle of wine, great gifts for extended family during the Holidays or a great stocking stuffer. Stock up while they last because I know I will.

Ganong Chocolate Assortment Box

Now.. if you’ll excuse me, I need finish off the rest of these delicious chocolates.

 Ganong Chocolate Assortment Box Ganong Chocolate Assortment Box

Have you tried Ganong Chocolates before? What are your favourite things about the holidays? Do you find holiday gifting difficult? Let me know in the comments below!


Thank you Ganong for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.


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