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Growing up, we ate at home a lot, my mom cooked most night and my dad would cook and bake for us on occasion. He loved making decadent and rich foods like creamy pastas and working as a baker he always brought home cakes, muffins and chocolate. Needless to say, I was a chubby kid. He’s not a materialistic man, he always tells me that he came here from Vietnam with nothing but the clothes on his back so that’s all he needs. My dad is really into food (he is always eating) and loves new experiences, they go road tripping a couple times a year.

I also have Taylor’s dad, who enjoys the finer things in life, like a nice smooth bourbon or a cocktail kit for when he travels.

My stepfather-in-law is the sweetest man you will ever meet. He’s a therapist that specializes in children and adolescents, loves animals and is learning to be a handyman. He loves cool gadgets and has a sweet tooth as big as mine.

With Father’s day being a week away, I wanted to put together a gift guide that I know all my dads would love. I also made a delicious crunchy, caramel popcorn if you’re more of a DIY gifter. Get the recipe here!


1. This handsome cotton Chambray apron.

My dad is a baker and is a natural in the kitchen. I definitely got my love for baking from this man.


2. B&O PLAY Beoplay A1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

My stepfather-in-law loves cool gadgets and is totally obsessed with soundtracks, he would love this portable speaker that can also be used when he’s on a client call. I currently own this one and use it whenever I’m baking and listening to music. The music quality is clean and crisp and I love the minimal design.


3. Make your own hot sauce kit.

Growing up in a Vietnamese household, we put Sriracha on EVERYTHING. If your dad loves spices and spicy foods, he will love this. I actually want to get this for myself as well.


4. Bourbon is always a good idea,

Especially when its a small, limited batch bourbon like Pappy Van Winkle. There’s only one distributor in the GTA that distributes it and if you can get your hands on a bottle, don’t ever let it go.. unless it’s to your dad. Some other options for great bourbons: Blanton’s and Elijah Craig.


5. Comfortable cotton slippers

Nothing feels as good as a comfy pair of house slippers. Especially one made in Japan with a luxurious cotton fabric. Your dad’s feet will thank you.


6. Pizza oven

An affordable option for a pizza oven! Such a great idea (for dad, and for me!)


7. Cocktail Kit

I love this idea, it comes in three different flavours: old fashioned, gin and tonic and moscow mule. Your dad can make himself a delicious cocktail anywhere, just add booze!


8. Fitbit

For the active dad. My stepfather-in-law runs a run group for adolescents, he also trains and runs marathons a few times a year. It’s the perfect gift so he can track his heart rate, fitness, sleep and more.


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