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review for Dyson Hot+Cool Link


It’s late September, the leaves are changing and the weather is still hot and humid! What is going on?! Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. Summers remind me of being free, laying on a beach, travelling, road trips and eating copious amounts of ice cream. But when you live in an historical building that offers all the character you would want in a home-tall ceilings, a wood burning fireplace, tall base boards, old wooden floors and one trade off – no air conditioning, that’s when you start to question if it’s all worth it. 

review for Dyson Hot+Cool Link

To say that I was excited to receive the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link would be an understatement. Living in an older building, there’s no air circulation, no vents, the only way to circulate air is to open a few windows. We also have a cat, Storm, who for the first three years of her life, she did not shed at all.. now she can’t stop, especially when it’s hot and humid. Hence, my problem.

review for Dyson Hot+Cool Link

I love how small and compact the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link is! I also love that I can easily move it from room to room and it sits tall and can tilt to accommodate our high ceilings. You don’t realize how important it is to own an air-purifier until you have one and notice a big difference in the air. It has a 360˚ Glass HEPA filter which helps to remove 99.97% of allergens, pollutants and pet dander.

review for Dyson Hot+Cool Link

I am excited to use the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link all-year round. It heats in the winter, which we definitely need living in an older building. We have the old-fashioned radiators in our apartment which work so well to warm up a room.. when it actually works. But when it doesn’t, you better layer up. I can’t even picture it right now because its extremely hot outdoors (and indoors) but in the winter I remember bundling up in leggings, sweaters, socks and tuck myself into a little cocoon under all my blankets. Seriously, can’t wait to stay warm in the winter.

review for Dyson Hot+Cool Link  review for Dyson Hot+Cool Linkreview for Dyson Hot+Cool Link

Currently, we have the cooling feature on and it is saving our lives. I’ve also downloaded the Dyson Link App to help monitor the air quality in our bedroom but I also love that on auto mode, it intelligently reacts to purify the air from pollutants and allergens automatically, win. The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link does come with a remote but I love that I can control everything from my phone because knowing me, I’ll probably lose the remote anyway.

review for Dyson Hot+Cool Link

I’m so excited to have the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link in our bedroom, while I’ve only had it a few days, it’s definitely saved our sweaty butts and will definitely be keeping it in our bedroom to help keep our air fresh and clean with #DysonAir!

review for Dyson Hot+Cool Link

Do you use an air purifier at home? Do you currently own the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link? Let me know what you think!


Thank you Dyson for sponsoring this blog post, all opinions are my own.

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