Food styling is difficult, even for me. I find myself using the same old props, dishes, flowers and backdrops. That’s why I wanted to make this super easy DIY Food Styling Board to switch up your backdrops in your photos. I’ve had this little 16 inch by 16 inch square marble slab I bought from West Elm way back when for about $100. Granted, it was totally worth the investment, though I’m sure I could have gotten it for cheaper else where.. but I do use it ALL the time. I am however terrified of dropping it on my toes one day because it weights like 50 pounds.. yikes.

How to make a food styling board

Here is a SUPER QUICK and EASY DIY Food Styling Board. And when I say super easy, I mean it!

All you need are:

  • 1/4″ Standard Hardboard 24 inch x 2 inch
  • Plastic Wall Scraper, make sure it’s flexible. (I bought the 3 3/6″ size)
  • Premix compound / Spackling Paste
  • Paint in Flat / Matte, in whatever colour you want.
  • Paint Brush
  • Old cloth of newspaper


Lay out the cloth or newspaper on a table or the floor. I prepped mine on my desk because my little mischievous Storm was all over it. With the plastic scraper scoop and smooth the plaster over the board. Start in the centre and scrap the plaster moving out towards the edges until the entire board is covered. Add texture to the board by scraping the plaster in different directions and pressure until you achieve the look and texture that you want. My plaster starts off pink (love, lol) and dries white.

How to make a food styling board How to make a food styling board

Set the board aside and let dry for at least a few hours. I let mine dry for about 3 hours.

Using the paint brush, paint over the entire board to cover the plaster. You can use a sponge or different size brushes to create different effects if you’d like. Let dry for an hour. Then reapply a second coat.

How to make a food styling board How to make a food styling board

Set aside to fully dry and you are done! I can’t wait to make more boards using different colours and brushes. I wanted to start off with a basic neutral board but will probably go for a more prominent pink for the next.

How to make a food styling board

Hope you enjoyed this DIY and let me know how yours turns out!

Happy painting!


x Sabrina


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