If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know about Didier. Didier is one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet. Whenever we’re together we laugh so much my belly hurts. He has this energy about him that is intoxicating and you just always want to be around him. I met Didier six months ago at a food event I was second guessing even going to. We ended up hanging out the entire night and the rest is history!

He loves food, fashion and coffee, everything I love, that’s probably why we get along so well. He’s taught me so much about photography, styling and when you’re eating with him, you’ll rarely eat your food hot. Sometimes… actually all the time, you gotta #doitforthegram. His favourite dessert is tiramisu so I made him my Tiramisu Cream Puffs with a mascarpone cream and covered in a chocolate espresso ganache, get the recipe here.

Here are Didier’s six essentials to a happy life:


My first unconditional love will always be for coffee. The first thing that I do in the morning is to walk over to my Nespresso machine and make myself my first cup but there will usually be other cups of the delicious beverage throughout the day. I tend to stick to americano but whenever I need to talk a photo for a flatly, I’ll diverge to a cortado or a latte. Two of my favorite coffee shops in the city are definitely Sorry and Neo, not only for their fantastic treats but also because of their beautiful interior.

2. BLUE.

My favourite colour has always been blue. If you were to take a peek at my wardrobe, you might believe that you have stumbled into the depth of the sea with its deep shades of blues. It is definitely the one colour that I feel works great all year long, from a white and navy striped shirt in summer to my favourite navy peacoat in Fall/winter. It is also the colour of my soul. haha.


As a person of asian descent, I started my skincare routine when I was one month old, and that was still considered a late start. I am obviously joking but I did start my regiment earlier on. I have somewhat sensitive skin so I have to be careful with the products that I choose and I tend to stick to ones that are fairly scentless. One of my favourite brands to use is Aesop due to the relative organic nature of the product and the beauty of the packaging.


I used to think that I didn’t have a green thumb and that everything I would touch would die. Then one day, my roommate gave me a plant that he grew from a lemon seed and I’ve caught the plant bug since. My little green family has been growing ever since and I’m proud to say that they are mostly are alive.

I absolutely love walking. While it is a great form of cardio, I also think that it is the best way to truly experience the city. You wouldn’t imagine the amount of times when I’ve stumbled upon cute new restaurants and coffee shops while on my way to meet friends! It’s also a nice way to just relax and enjoy the weather. Sometimes I walk without a destination in mind just for the same of exploring. It is by far one of my favourite activities.


While it has now become my vocation, my love of photography started with Instagram. Even though I used to use the medium to post selfies with the wonderful Valencia filter attached to it, I slowly began learning to take photos thanks to some of my favourite accounts on the social media platform. Last June, I finally decided to invest in a Fujifilm X100T camera right before a Scandinavian trip and I have never looked back since.


Instagram: @didieryhc



  1. June 1, 2017 / 6:24 am

    Came here from Didier’s instagram ! :))
    I came cross his instagram few months ago too and I liked everything about his “univers” he is one of the bloggers I like to read to keep my motivation and and inspiration up ! 🙂


    • mymiaou
      June 2, 2017 / 3:08 pm

      YAY! Thank you so much for reading Nora. I love him as well, he’s so bubbly and hilarious!
      Thank you for reading 🙂


    • mymiaou
      June 2, 2017 / 3:07 pm

      I love you! Thanks for inspiring me always! xx

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