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Chocolate, Desserts / 21.02.2018

I'm leaving for LA with my girlfriend Joelle tomorrow and I'm so excited for all the pink places we're about to discover and all the food we are going to consume. This will be my first time in LA, I've heard so many great things about the city, especially from Joelle, so to say that I am excited is an understatement. We will be at the Create & Cultivate conference on the Saturday which leaves plenty of time for exploring and taking photos! So make sure you follow along on my Instagram @my.miaou and Joelle's @lapetitenoob.
Cakes, Desserts / 22.01.2018

During my week of doing the Whole30.. I mean the Whole7 (lol), I stocked up on a bunch of bananas. By bunch, I don't mean one bunch, I mean a bunch. I needed to have something healthy and something sweet when my sugar cravings hit. After quitting the Whole30, I had a bunch of bananas left over, some I froze to make my Banana Nice Cream and the rest I used to make this sticky and gooey caramelized banana upside down cake.