24 Hours in Montreal with VIPorter

24 Hours in Montreal with VIPorter

Didier and I recently traveled to Montreal with Porter Airlines for the day.. yes for 24 hours in Montreal, a getaway to explore a different city and to get re-inspired! I’ve always had a thing for Montreal. It’s a beautiful city with European influence, they have the cutest cafes and delicious food! The last time I visited Montreal, we had driven in the dead of Winter and although it was so much fun, flying is always the quicker and more seamless option!

24 Hours in Montreal with Porter Airlines | My Miaou

We booked our flights with VIPorter, Porter’s frequent flier program, which allows members to earn points on pretty much everything. You can redeem the points you’ve earned to fly anywhere Porter Airlines flies and at anytime! VIPorter makes flying super easy, especially flying out of Toronto City Airport, a 8-10 minute drive from my house. Didier and I traveled as a Priority Member, one of VIPorter’s premium tiers. Some of the major benefits of being a VIPorter Priority member include:

  • Priority Check-in for all members: because no one lines standing in long line-ups
  • Free Premium Seat Selections: Allows you to be one of the first to board and and disembark. You’ll also get drink sand snacks faster.. umm, do I need to say more?
  • Flexibility with travel: Enjoy free same-day flight changes, if you need to jump on an earlier or later flight that day, feel free to do so!
  • First check bag = FREE: Pack as much or as little as you like, if you want to check an empty luggage, now’s your chance!


The Ritz Carleton Montreal

24 Hours in Montreal with Porter Airlines | Ritz Carleton | My Miaou24 Hours in Montreal with Porter Airlines | Ritz Carleton | My Miaou

24 Hours in Montreal with Porter Airlines | Ritz Carleton | My MiaouOur first stop after landing into Pierre Trudeau Airport was straight to our hotel! We stayed at the gorgeous Ritz Carleton in downtown Montreal which is central to all the places on our list. To say that this hotel is beautiful is actually an understatement. It is luxurious, with old-world charm. The rooms are beautiful, grand and the beds were incredibly comfy, if we weren’t only in Montreal for only one night, I probably would’ve stayed in bed all day. The staff were incredibly welcoming, helpful and we were pleasantly surprised when they were able to accommodate us with early check-in (and late check-out.) This trip was off to an amazing start.



24 Hours in Montreal with Porter Airlines | Mandy's | My Miaou

First on the long list of places to visit in Montreal was Mandy’s. Mandy’s makes a damn good salad. I’ve been seeing them all over Instagram since the last time I was in Montreal and have been wanting to visit to see what all the hype was about. Luckily, there are multiple locations with one just around the corner from the Ritz. It was our first stop after checking into the hotel to fuel up and start our day of exploring! Didier ordered a delicious Cobb Salad and I order the Mexi Salad, the salads were massive and so fresh! They definitely need to come to Toronto!

This wasn’t one of their cutest locations, we walked by the one in Old Port and poked our heads in to find the cutest floor tiles and baby blue booths. (drooling)


Kamekameha Snack-Bar

24 Hours in Montreal with Porter Airlines | Kamekameha | My Miaou 24 Hours in Montreal with Porter Airlines | Kamekameha | My Miaou

Kamekameha is Hawaiian snack bar and OH MY GOODNESSS you guys, it is even cuter in person as it is on Instagram! This place is painted pink, with greenery throughout, they have the cutest tiles AND the cutest fish ice-cream! The strawberry sorbet was delicious, pink and it makes for the cutest photo! I didn’t get a photo of the restaurant #1 because I was on system overload from all the cute pink walls and lush greenery and #2 I dropped my ice cream attempting to photograph it with the cute tiles, so obviously after I cleaned it up.. I ran.


Ginkgo Cafe & Bar

24 Hours in Montreal with Porter Airlines | Ginkgo | My Miaou

Ginkgo was one of Didier’s picks and seriously, I could stay here all day! The floors, the furniture, the greenery, all too cute.. no wonder it was packed with people! We had just finished lunch and grabbed a quick coffee to dry off from the rain. I can’t wait to come back to Montreal and try the out menu because it sounds delicious.


edb Élément de base Montreal

24 Hours in Montreal with Porter Airlines | element de base | My Miaou

Élément de Base speaks to my pink soul. It’s a pop-up furniture shop located in the Old Port of Montreal. This space is actually so cool, with one room completely furnished in green and the other pink. They build custom and affordable furniture in Canada.. I know who I’m calling when I’m ready to order my pink couch. They are planning on a new concept for the pop-up shop so make sure you stop by before they tear down the pink room!



24 Hours in Montreal with Porter Airlines | TOMMY Cafe | My Miaou

TOMMY Cafe is completely Instagram-worthy and definitely worth travelling for! It’s located on Saint-Paul in Old Montreal and has the same beautiful interior and airy feel as the original location, just a few blocks away. Didier and I enjoyed brunch here with our friend Maca (@hey.maca) who lives in Montreal. We had so much fun chatting over lattes, delicious croissants and photographing this adorable space.


Pink House Plateau Mont-Royal

24 Hours in Montreal with Porter Airlines | Pink Wall |My Miaou 24 Hours in Montreal with Porter Airlines | Pink Wall | My Miaou

You guys know me.. rain or shine, if there’s a pink house, I WILL travel for it! Well, with the help of Maca, who is the Queen of all things colour! We drove from one end of the city to this quaint neighbourhood to find the cutest pink house in Plateau Mont-Royal.


24 Hours in Montreal with Porter Airlines | Boxermans Montreal | My Miaou

Last but not least, Boxermans. Another one of Didier’s picks, can you tell? It’s beautifully minimal with tall ceiling! We didn’t have a chance to eat here, although the food looks pretty delicious from the looks of their Instagram!


Other places we visited:

Maison Christian Faure

Maison Christian Faure is a French pastisserie that serves the most delicious and beautiful pastries I’ve had in a very long time.. probably since I was in France three years ago. It took a lot of restraint not to order one of everything, even though my belly said yes.. but we ended up sharing a buttery brioche bun and a hazelnut eclair that I am still dreaming about to this day.


biirū came highly recommended to us for dinner by Maca and it did not disappoint! It’s a Japanese bistro that serves shared plates, kind of like tapas but Japanese style. I don’t know if it was just because I was with someone else who loved food as much as I did but I can’t remember the last time I had so much amazing food in one day. We ordered Takoyaki (octopus balls), Ramen Sarada (Ramen noodles tossed with ground cherries, cucumbers in a ginger dressing), Pork Ribs (in a sweet, sticky bbq sauce), mushroom okonomyaki (a Japanese pancake) and edamame beans. You know when you’re so excited for the food you forget to take photos.. that’s totally what happened.


24 Hours in Montreal with Porter Airlines | My Miaou

We had so much fun in Montreal and flying with Porter Airlines made it so easy for us to getaway, even if it was for 24 hours. If you guys are anything like me and love travelling whether it’s to find the delicious food and cute cafes in New York City, old-world charm and pink houses in Montreal, to learn about history and visit the Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C. or to be surrounded by nature in beautiful Vermont, Porter Airlines makes travelling super easy and seamless. Plus, when you sign up to become a VIPorter member, they not only treat you like gold but you start earning points to redeem for future travels!!

To sign up and start collecting VIPorter points, visit viporter.link/Sabrina you’ll receive a special 1,000 bonus points after you complete your first flight!


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